Colour solution by Sico
Colour solution by Sico

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Revitalize your space with beautiful colours
A fresh coat of paint goes a long way to bringing life to any space. A simple change of colour can completely change the atmosphere of room, bringing it from drab and dreary to warm and cozy, or bright and colorful. At KENT you’ll find a massive selection of brands, colours, and finishes, so you’re sure to find just what you need!

Find the right tool for the job!
Picking the right tool is crucial to making your painting easy and smooth, and thanks to our extensive range of tools & applicators you’ll be prepared for anything! We’ve got a wide assortment of must have and handy tools that will make your job quick and painless. You’ll find everything you need, from brushes & rollers to adhesives & sealants

Picking your paint is easy with SICO Colour Solution
If you’re having trouble picking your paint, try the SICO Colour Solution on KENT.CA! This amazing tool allows you to pick any colour and see it on example images, choose your desired finish, and calculate how much paint you’ll need for your space. It’s also got a handy complimentary colour tool so you can plan out your décor around your colours perfectly! Choosing a colour is never easy, so make your life a little easier and try SICO Colour Solution today!