How to Tile Backsplash

The backsplash is one of the most crucial style elements in every kitchen. Getting the backsplash of your dreams can be easier than you expect. Follow this how-to and get your kitchen looking precisely the way you always wanted.

What you will need:


Tile Adhesive


Score Saw or Tile Saw

Measuring Tape





Step One: Prep

Cover your countertop with a plastic drop sheet or cardboard. Take off all electrical covers and turn off your power.

Step Two: Adhesive

There are two type of adhesives. Premixed and mix your own. Usually premixed is preferred by DIYers.

Step Three: Start

Start by putting tile adhesive on your trowel and spreading it evenly on your wall with the teeth side. Do this is 2’ x 2’ areas so you don't feel overwhelmed to finish it all. Take your time.


You can also use a method called back buttering, where you put tile adhesive on the back of your tile and then apply it to the wall. This method is preferred for larger tiles.

Step Four: Spacers

Use your spacers and put one on the vertical sides and two on the horizontal flat to make sure it doesn't move or sink. Continue this, take your time until your backsplash is done.

Step Five: Extensions 

Install any electrical extenders you may need. Not every project requires this step.

Step Six: Grout

Wait until the next day to do so and use your grout float or trowel to apply it in between each space evenly. Then use a wet sponge to go over it all, the water helps spread the grout.

Step Seven: Clean

Remove your countertop covering and wash over your tile to remove the film. Use kitchen and bath caulking if you left a line under where your tile meets your countertop and reinstall plate covers. Now you can enjoy your new backsplash.