How to Repot Your Plants

Your plant probably needs to be repotted if:

it looks straggly and lackluster, with leaves turning yellow, it's roots are sticking out of the top of the soil or out of the drainage hole, or the soil doesn’t seem to be soaking up water.


What you will need to repot your plant:
A new pot slightly bigger than the current one (1-2 inches)
Indoor potting mix


  1. Water your plant in the current pot to make sure it is hydrated and the soil ball secure. Do this at least a few hours in advance.

  2. Remove the plant from the pot by using one hand to gently secure the main stem and the other to remove the pot while turning the plant on its side or even upside down. If stubborn, return the pot right-side up and use a knife to loosen the roots from the sides of the pots and then retry.

  3. Now is the time to inspect the roots and untangle any that are bound tightly together. Also, remove all yellowing or dead leaves and stems.

  4. Fill the bottom of the new pot with enough fresh potting mix to bring the root ball to just below the rim then place the plant in the pot. Fill all remaining space with more fresh potting mix and compact gently with your fingers.

  5. Water lightly and top-up with more potting mix if needed.


Congratulations! You now have a plant with enough space to thrive and grow!


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