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Himalaya White 3-Piece Shower

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Shower in white colour, has polysterene construction for elegant look. This 3-piece shower with textured base measures 38 in x 38 in x 74 in. It includes three built-in shelves and acrylic towel bar for convenient storage.
  • 3-piece Polystyrene wall and textured base
  • 3 Built-in shelves and 1 acrylic towel bar
  • Right or left installation pivot door
  • Clear tempered glass with "Stripe" design
  • Drain included
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You're reviewing Himalaya White 3-Piece Shower
Assembled Width (in) 38
Assembled Height (in) 74
Assembled Depth (in) 38
Number of Pieces 3
UPC-A 623169394862

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