DOW EnerFoam Professional Foam Sealant 30oz

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Minimal expanding professional foam sealant is an expandable one-component formula that ensures effective seal. This sealant in a 30 oz container, is made of polyurethane material. It offers durable, airtight, water-resistant bond to common building substrates. This sealant minimizes pathways where insects can enter.
  • Designed to form a durable| airtight| water-resistant bond to common building substrates (such as wood| brick| concrete| foam board and most plastics)
  • Forms airtight barrier by expanding to take shape of cracks and voids
  • Reduces pathways where insects can enter
  • Retains elasticity as the structure expands and compresses
  • Can reduce drywall nail pops
  • Tack-free within minutes
  • The first foam sealant to be recognized as a fireblock
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Material Polyurethane
Sub Brand EnerFoam™ Pro-Gun