DAP Asphalt Filler and Sealant Black 300ml

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Ready-to-use asphalt-based filler and sealant for the quick and easy repair of cracks and gaps in asphalt surfaces for a durable, weatherproof seal.
  • Ready-to-use, asphalt-based formula for fast & easy repairs to asphalt surfaces
  • Flows easily
  • Waterproof & weatherproof seal
  • Resists gas, oil, grease & salt
  • Resists crumbling due to temperature changes, UV light & severe weather conditions
  • Won’t run or bubble in hot weather or crack in cold weather
  • Dries to matte black finish
  • Can be coated with asphalt or tar-based driveway dressings
  • Excellent adhesion and durability
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You're reviewing DAP Asphalt Filler and Sealant Black 300ml
Country of Origin Canada
Type Asphalt Filler And Sealant
UPC-A 070798709959

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