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  • How to Make a Mini Hoop Tunnel
    How to Make a Mini Hoop Tunnel

    Enjoying fresh vegetables and herbs from your garden doesn’t have to end as soon as the cold weather comes around. By creating a hoop tunnel, you can protect your plants from the cold and keep them thriving throughout the fall. In this how-to, we are going to show you how to build a mini hoop tunnel that will protect your garden from the frost.

  • Baseboard Heater Buying Guide
    Baseboard Heater Buying Guide

    When it comes to home comfort, proper heating is essential and you can keep any room cozy with the right baseboard heater! These new models are sleek, stylish, and efficient! Electric heaters are an efficient and affordable way to easily maintain and supplement heating in any space. Find yours at KENT and enjoy a cozy home at the touch of a button.

  • Mini-Split Buying Guide
    Mini-Split Buying Guide

    The only thing that might be better than the relief of air conditioning is stepping into a warm home from the Canadian winter! Get the “ahhhh” feeling from the heating and cooling of your ductless heat pump. Also called mini-splits, this type of system is ideal when you’re retrofitting a house with non-ducted heating or cooling systems, or you’re adding a new room to your home and extending or installing distribution ductwork is not possible. Mini-split pumps consist of an indoor evaporator, an outdoor condenser, a refrigerant line, and most systems include wireless control.

  • Heating Buying Guide
    Heating Buying Guide

    Crisp fall air can be a welcome change after a steamy summer, especially when you have a cozy house to retreat to! New heating systems are efficient and reliable for keeping your home warm on the coldest winter days. Start your search for heat here with some specs on wood stoves, pellet stoves, electric, and mini-split heat pumps. Your local KENT expert can help you find the best system for your home and lifestyle!

  • DIY on a Budget: Winterizing Your Home
    DIY on a Budget: Winterizing Your Home

    The new fall chill is only getting chillier...keep your home cozy with our guide to winterizing your home! Our Project Centre experts can assist you with basic to advanced DIYs for energy efficient upgrades. Whether you spend an evening, a day, or a weekend weatherproofing, you can look forward to keeping your home a little warmer this fall.

  • DIY on a Budget: Winterizing Your Yard
    DIY on a Budget: Winterizing Your Yard

    Save your yard from Old Man Winter by properly winterizing your lawn! Don’t let the cold weather undo all of your hard work over the summer, keep your yard in tip top shape with a couple of easy tasks with help from our Project Centre.

  • DIY on a Budget: Cold Frame Gardening
    DIY on a Budget: Cold Frame Gardening

    This simple structure captures solar energy and creates a microclimate around plants allowing you to extend the harvest by weeks or months.

  • DIY on a Budget: Exterior Lighting Update
    DIY on a Budget: Exterior Lighting Update

    Don’t pack up your patio just because there’s a chill in the air! Maritime fall weather is some of the most beautiful of the year, enjoy every second of it with newly installed exterior lighting. DIY exterior lighting for your garage, front porch, and back deck with help from our Project Centre. Grab a blanket and cozy up to enjoy the fall foliage!