Installing Floor Trim

Put the finishing touch on your beautiful new floors when you DIY your floor trim! Most floors require some sort of trim or baseboard to conceal gaps between your flooring and walls. Choose from modern and classic options from KENT for trim as elaborate or simple as your personal style. Find your trim, tools, and expert DIY advice at your local KENT!

How to Install Floor Trim


Start with the right gear:

  • Mitre Saw
  • Measuring Tape
  • Stud Finder
  • 16g Nail for Thick Trim (18g for thin trim)
  • Trim
  • Nail Gun
  • Appropriate Safety Equipment
  • Pencil/Marking Tool



  • Measure your space to determine how much floor trim you’ll need, and account for a little extra for any mistakes or future repairs. Try layering multiple styles for custom results.
  • Measure your walls to determine the length of cuts to make, and mark your wall studs to layout where nails will be placed.
  • When making corner cuts, carefully align corners and make 45° cuts for a perfect fit. Ask your KENT expert about helpful tools for this step.
  • Nail your trim flush to the floor/wall where your studs are marked.
  • Fill & smooth nail holes as needed.
  • Once your trim is installed, add paint or stain to complete your design vision.


Installing floor trim is a project most DIYers can easily tackle with a few cuts, lots of measuring, and help from the KENT Project Centre.

Polish off your new flooring today. Contact your local KENT Project Centre with any questions or inquire about our installation services



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