2022 Design Trends

Your home doesn’t stay the same over the years. Furniture, fixtures and art come and go as styles and trends change. 2022 trends include some classics, twists on old favourites, and a new dive into a style focused on comfort and function. Trends can help make the most out of your space and improve your DIY skills. Get inspired and visit your local KENT Project Centre to start transforming your designs for 2022.


Is it really a trend if it’s timeless? Incorporating some natural elements into any part of your decor is affordable, accessible, and pretty well fool proof for any space. If you’re looking for a little something to refresh your space but don’t subscribe to a particular style, a houseplant or natural textile is sure to do the trick (think macrame, wood, and linen). Upgrade existing planters, swap out a side table, or add a new storage piece to help bring the outdoors in.

fresh plants in plantersfresh plants in planters


Minimalism isn’t for everyone, and the boomerang back to maximalist style celebrates all your beautiful stuff. Your favourite knick knacks, books, and art become the main focus in bright, organized chaos where more is more. Key features of maximalism are gallery walls, plush furniture with throw pillows galore, and the incorporation of multiple colours and patterns. Where minimalism is void of clutter and colour, maximalism turns both up to create a cozy, stimulating room.

grey couch with pink accents and hanging plantsgrey couch with pink accents and hanging plants
blue couch with orange and yellow accentsblue couch with orange and yellow accents


Sorry furniture, you’re on double duty from now on. So many new furniture designs include discreet storage that takes advantage of every corner and shelf. Hide clutter in plain sight with storage ottomans or lift-top coffee tables. New sectional couches can include charging ports, pull out beds, or linen storage. Buffets and consoles are perfect for toys, clothes, or pet leashes and easily incorporated into almost any space.

6 drawer dresser and storage ottoman6 drawer dresser and storage ottoman

Modern Farmhouse

Modern Farmhouse style is centered on the iconic farmhouse sink (big on style and function.) shiplap, reclaimed wood mantles. Your colour palette will include lots of white, mid-toned wood, and black accent fixtures.

Shiplap still has a tight grip on our hearts, but more narrow planks keep things interesting without bringing you back to 2014. Install your own with our handy guide, and paint or distress as desired. No modern farmhouse is complete without black accents like faucets, sconces, or sliding barn doors. Combining these features will give you a bright, cozy farmhouse vibe everytime.

modern farmhouse style living room with fireplacemodern farmhouse style living room with fireplace
modern farmhouse style bathroom with shiplapmodern farmhouse style bathroom with shiplap
green sliding barn doorgreen sliding barn door


Skirted furniture covers, muted jewel tones, and antique decor are sweeping the Grandmillenial trend. Think: Grandma’s house but upgraded. Creating extra coziness in your home with deeper hardwood floors, antique furniture, and plush carpets. Ornate gold frames are an easy swap to bring your art into the trend along with floral curtains and valances. Your colour palette might be light and airy with mid-toned wood and linen slip covers or moody jewel tones and brass fixtures. Key identifiers of the Grandmillenial trend are four poster beds, mismatched dining chairs, and painted floors.

grandmillenial style living room with archgrandmillenial style living room with arch
pink bedroom with rattan furniture accentspink bedroom with rattan furniture accents
grandmillenial style kitchen grandmillenial style kitchen

Whether you do a small swap or a major overhaul in your space, pieces of trends can always be included in any room. And as always, the best style is one that suits your personal tastes and function. Which trend are you trying in 2022?

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