Black Roof-Fast Cap

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Roof-fast cap is made from SBS polymers blended with select grades of high quality asphalt. It measures 7 m x 1000 mm x 4 mm. It is suitable for any low-slope roofing project.
  • Roof-Fast is a low-slope roofing material that combines the polymer chemistry of commercial grade modified bitumen membranes with the self-adhesive characteristics of ice and water protector
  • Roof-Fast is composed of SBS polymers blended with select grades of high quality asphalt
  • Polymer/asphalt blend results in the water-resistant characteristics of asphalt along with superior flexibility, elongation, aging, and weathering characteristics
  • Blend of compounds is reinforced with a high-strength fibreglass, which results in enhanced puncture resistance
  • Manufactured in facilities that comply with the most stringent government environmental regulations and can therefore be a part of any "green" construction project
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