Armstrong Flooring 236 mL White Seam Adhesive

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Seam adhesive offers cost-effective and quick installation of vinyl sheet or linoleum flooring. It is simple to apply for DIYers. It ensures complete A.G.I.S. protection. It is ideal for patterns demanding seams with no grout lines and/or have a diagonal design.
  • Component of the installation system for all Armstrong sheet products
  • 144 Linear ft/bottle (1/8 in bead) spread rate
  • No mixing required and easy clean up
  • Flooring surface is dry after seam application
  • Complete AGIS protection
  • Best choice for patterns that require seams with no grout lines and/or have a diagonal design
  • Low investment cost
  • No special tools or charges and same bottle can be utilized in multiple jobs
  • For use with residential linoleum
Keywords Seam Adhesive
Colour White
Container Size 236 mL