9" x 3" x 4" White Vinyl Downspout Adapter

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Adjustable downspout adapter features vinyl construction. This downspout adapter extends, bends and connects easily. It can be connected to other FLEX-A-SPOUT accessories.
  • Install the Flex-a-Spout downspout adapter over the outside end of your downspout and push up for a snug fit
  • Extends up to 16 in
  • Easy installation, extends, bend, connect and bury
  • Attach the rounded cuff end to 3 or 4 in corrugated pipe, 4 in PVC or your choice of Flex-A-Spout accessories with a simple snap fit
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Write a Review
You're reviewing 9" x 3" x 4" White Vinyl Downspout Adapter
Material Vinyl
Colour White
Colour White
Type Downspout Adapter
UPC-A 732726531274