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6.8 oz/200 mL Dyed Blue Premium Smokeless 2-Cycle Oil

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Premium smokeless 2-cycle oil provides anti-corrosion and anti-seizure performance. This dyed blue semi-synthetic oil comes in 200 mL container. It has mineral oil, polyisobutenes, hydro treated distillate, proprietary additives and proprietary fuel stabilizer chemical composition. It has 0.88 specific gravity at 15 deg C and 82 deg C flash point for safety. Premium smokeless oil meets JASO Spec FC and Global Spec ISO-L-EGD.
  • Semi-synthetic with fuel stabilizer
  • Anti-corrosion and anti-seizure performance
  • Use in all 2-cycle air cooled engines
  • Mix entire contents of bottle into 2.5 gal of gasoline
  • Single mix (50 : 1 ratio) works in all 2-cycle engines regardless of brand, model or mix ratio
  • Standards: JASO specification FC and Global specification ISO-L-EGD
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