4-5/8 Inch Bit 7/16 Inch Shank Selfeed Bit

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DeWalt DW1640 Specifications: Shank: 7/16" Self-Feed Bit: 3" DeWalt DW1640 Features: Two cutter design reduces binding and stalling Self-feeding screw provides fast material penetration Flats on bit shank for better bit retention Blades can be resharpened. DeWalt DW1640 3-Inch Bit with 7/16-Inch Shank Selfeed Bit.
  • Optimized cutting geometry provides longer bit life
  • Open tooth design allows for more resharpenings
  • 7/16-inch ball groove shank for quick change applications
  • Aggressive spur provides fast material penetration
  • Optimized cutting geometry provides longer bit life
Keywords Selfeed Bit
Country of Origin China
Applicable Materials Steel
Shank Size (in) Jul-16
Cutting Edge Material High Speed Steel
Body Material Steel