3.79 L Jug Milky white Planipatch Plus Additive

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Additive can be used with Planipatch as an embossing leveler or as a patch to fill voids over properly prepared vinyl sheet goods, vinyl composition tile (VCT) and cement terrazzo. This high performance additive increases flexibility and promotes an excellent adhesion.
  • Can be used with planipatch as an embossing leveler
  • High performance additive
  • Improves flexibility and promotes superior adhesion
  • Has a shelf life of 2 years when stored in original container at 23 deg C in a heated area
  • Interior residential, commercial, heavy commercial, institutional
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You're reviewing 3.79 L Jug Milky white Planipatch Plus Additive
Manufacturer's Warranty 10 Years
Type Additive
UPC-A 093994312532