3/16" Leave-In Hard Style Tile Spacers- 500/Jar

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QEP leave-in hard style tile spacers offer a faster and easier way to space and align tile during installation. Simply position the Leave-in Spacer at the corner of the tile, adding more spacers as each new tile is placed alongside. Push tiles together so that all tiles are touching the Leave-in Spacers and so corners are squared-up. QEP leave-in spacers are hard style, meaning the spacers will not compress when used with marble, stone and large format tile. The 1/16 in. leave-in spacers have reduced height profile so they can be easily covered when grouting. Therefore they do not need to be removed before grouting, saving time and effort.
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You're reviewing 3/16" Leave-In Hard Style Tile Spacers- 500/Jar
Country of Origin China
UPC-A 010306103381

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