1 gal Green Exterior Primer

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Exterior primer enhances the adherence of self-adhesive membranes and waterproofing strips on various exterior surfaces such as exterior concrete, metal, wood and plywood. It ensures greater protection against water, alcohol and most saline, alkaline as well as dilute acid solutions.
  • Resistant to water, alcohol and most saline, alkaline and dilute acid solutions
  • Primes and prepares many types of surfaces
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Apply on a clean, dry surface
  • Improves adhesion of self-adhesive membranes
  • Easy and fast application
  • For roofing, foundations and walls
  • For substrates like wood, metal, concrete and plywood
  • Installation method such as spray, paint brush and roller
Keywords Primer,Exterior,Interior,Spray,1,Gal,Green
Temperature Rating (C) -10
Colour/Finish Green