1/8" Leave-In Hard Style Tile Spacers-300/Bag

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The QEP 1/8 in. hard-style tile spacers offer the choice of a traditional vertical tombstone-style or inset leave-in installation method. QEP leave-in spacers are constructed of hard plastic, so they will not compress when used with marble, stone and large format tile. These spacers feature a lower height profile, so they can easily be covered when grouting. When used in tombstone style, these hard tile spacers can also be easily removed and reused.
  • For aligning all floor and wall tiles
  • Hard plastic maintains grout joint width for consistent tile spacing
  • Produces a 1/8 in. (3 mm) grout joint
  • Will not compress when setting marble, granite, stone and large format tile
  • For single use when used as a leave-in spacer
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You're reviewing 1/8" Leave-In Hard Style Tile Spacers-300/Bag
Country of Origin China
Material Plastique
Colour/Finish White
Type Tile Spacer
UPC-A 010306011389

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