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We have put together some ideas to help you make your Atlantic Canadian home more environmentally conscious.

Here are some great ideas that you and your family can incorporate around your home and garden to reduce your impact on the environment:

Waste not, want not: 
Conserve rainwater to water your plants and shrubs.

Optimize growth: 
Make your own compost to help feed your lawn and garden.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: 
Avoid the trash bin and sort all of your recyclables.

Make it organic: 
Choose organic when shopping for your lawn and garden.

Clean green: 
Choose a natural cleaning agent for your home.

Set it and forget it: 
Easily and conveniently set your home thermostat to automatically turn the heat down at night or while you’re away.

Prevent heat loss: 
Reduce the amount of heat that can escape through improperly sealed windows and doors.

Let it air dry: 
Avoid using the dryer on those beautiful, breezy, East Coast days.