Ditra-Heat 16.1. Sq.Ft Heating Cable 240 V

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Schluter®-DITRA-HEAT-E-HK are twisted pair heating cables designed for integration with the DITRA-HEAT uncoupling membrane in interior floor warming applications.
  • Cables snap into the membrane; clips and fasteners are not required
  • No self-levelers required to encapsulate the cables; installation time significantly reduced
  • No return to thermostat required
  • Produces virtually zero electromagnetic fields
  • Provides electric floor warming for use beneath tile, stone, or other resilient floor coverings (e.g. LVT))
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You're reviewing Ditra-Heat 16.1. Sq.Ft Heating Cable 240 V
Country of Origin Canada
Certified Yes
Length (ft) 53.1
Voltage (V) 240
Type Electrical Cable
Adjustable Cutting Height No