When To Replace Roofing & Siding

Give your home some TLC this season with proper upgrades to your roofing and siding! Most home elements will last many years with regular maintenance, but will need replacing after 5, 10, 15, or even 20 years. Know what signs indicate it’s upgrade time, and find all the expertise and supplies you’ll need at the KENT Project Centre!

When To Replace Roofing

Most shingle roofs will last approximately 15 years, and usually show visible signs of wear and tear near the end of their lifespan. Here are a few checkpoints to help determine when to replace asphalt shingles:

  • Warped, cracked, or missing shingles
  • Your roof is 20+ years old
  • Interior attic damage
  • Neighbours replacing roofs of a similar age
  • Missing asphalt granules
  • Moss growth
  • Manufacturer recommended replacement age
Man on a ladder on a metal roofMan on a ladder on a metal roof



Metal roofs have a much longer lifespan and show different indicators for replacement like rust, any damage that could have occurred, leaks, lifted panels, or the manufacturer’s recommendation for replacement age.

When To Replace Siding

Siding will show similar signs of age after years of protection from sun, rain, and wind! Replace siding when you identify…

  • Rot or dry rot
  • Cracks, holes, warping, or other visible damage
  • Drafts or poor interior insulation
  • Moisture or mold
  • Significant fading

Each of these factors will indicate that your siding is in need of repair or replacement, and could even be concealing other issues. If you discover any major mold, moisture, or impact damage, ensure an inspector verifies the extent of the damage and advises on next steps.

Contractor wearing a hardhatContractor wearing a hardhat

New Home Owners

The easiest way to gauge upgrades is having details explained by any previous homeowners or reviews during inspections. These steps will be included in any home evaluations and can give you a good idea of what replacements are required before you buy your new home. If there are any gaps in this information, be sure to find out the age, make & model, warranties, and previous contractors on any major elements of the home.


Give your home’s exterior a checkup and thoroughly investigate any signs of damage. Your KENT experts can advise on when to opt for professional inspections and when to replace most roofs and siding. Keep your structure well protected against the elements with fully functional finishes that maintain and add value to your home.

Couple looking at homeCouple looking at home
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