Painting Tips and Tricks

Start your project off on the right stroke with the proper tools and techniques for a perfect paint job! The KENT Paint Department can help you achieve a flawless finish no matter what your painting experience or project may be.

Wall Prep

Your paint job is only as good as the surface you’re painting! Having a clean, smooth surface to work with is essential. Remove any outlet covers or hanging decor as needed and tape around trim or any accessories you can’t remove. Sand and smooth any imperfections, wash away dust, seal cracks, and always paint a test section before diving in.

sanding surface of wallsanding surface of wall

TIP   Make sure your walls are dry and your room is well ventilated before you begin your project.

Common Paint Supplies

The right brushes, rollers, and clean up supplies will give you a great application every time! For any paint project, you’ll probably need:

painting suppliespainting supplies

Some additional supplies might include some hand tools like screwdrivers and sandpaper, a vacuum cleaner, and protective equipment like goggles, gloves, and dust masks.

Paint Time!

Before diving in, give your paint a good stir and avoid creating new bubbles. Pour a small amount into your paint tray at a time to avoid waste and easily maneuver your paint tools. Trim corners and edges with a brush for more precision, and opt for a roller for large areas. Apply your paint generously and evenly and let coats dry completely between applications.

green paint in a tray with a brush and rollergreen paint in a tray with a brush and roller

TIP   If you’re painting over multiple days, store brushes and rollers wrapped in cling wrap inside a sealed plastic bag between applications...then store in the fridge! This will prevent paint from caking your brushes before you’re ready to give them a proper wash.

For tricky areas like ceilings or floors, have our Paint Department guide you on the best formula and application. Specialty items like furniture or floors may require an additional varnish or sealant that can be applied as directed on your container. 

Getting a beautiful coat of paint doesn’t have to be hard! Painters of any skill level can complete any paint project with the right tips. Find all the tools and advice you’ll need at KENT, and refresh your space with the colours you’ve been craving!

painting a wall with an extendable rollerpainting a wall with an extendable roller

For more painting inspiration, check out our Paint Buying Guide. If you're looking for a paint project to do this weekend, check out our guide on How to Paint a Door or How to Make an Accent Wall with Trim!

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