How to Hang Garland on Stairs

Using garland on your staircase railing is a classic and traditional Christmas decoration that adds a beautiful touch to your holiday décor. The staircase tends to be the first thing that people see when they walk in, and adding festive garland is a great way to welcome your guests into your home during the holiday season.

Project Overview

Note: The time-commitment, cost, and materials represent a 10 to 20 foot stairway garland with lights and various decorations. This tutorial is only meant to act as a guide and may vary based on individual skill level.


Cable ties
Fishing line
Small ornament hooks
White lights (optional)
Decorations - pinecones, glitter sprigs, berry sprigs, large ornaments, etc.

How to Hang Garland on Stairs


Fluff Your Garland

Fluff your garland. Twist the garland sprigs to the left, to the right and then one sticking straight up to create a fuller looking garland.

fluffing garlandfluffing garland


Double Up on Garland

For an even more lush-looking garland, double them up. Attach them using a piece of fishing line first and then twist two sprigs, one from either side, together at their base every 6-8 inches along on the garland to ensure they don’t separate when attaching the garland to the railing. 

double up on garlanddouble up on garland


Arrange Garland on Stairs

Arrange your garland in a way you love! Swag garland is tapered at the ends and drops in the middle – this style ensures the railing is still free to be used, especially in a home with small children.

arrange garland on stairsarrange garland on stairs


Attach Garland to Stairs

Use cable ties to attach the garland to the railing. They make clean up easy after the holiday season. You can choose to link them around the spindles or the railing itself. If you tie them around the spindles, you can hide the zip ties. Be sure to fluff your garland around the cable tie to hide it from view.

attaching garland with zip tiesattaching garland with zip ties


Decorate Your Garland

Add lights to your garland to give it a holiday-feel and make it welcoming for your visitors on dark winter evenings.

For a natural and traditional look, you can include pinecones, large berry bundles in gold and red and a few little gold glitter stems to help those lights really sparkle.

For the centre of each swag, use a large ornament and hang it on the garland with an ornament hook.

close up of garland on stairsclose up of garland on stairs
finished garland on stairsfinished garland on stairs

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