8" x 4" Flat Precision Claw Bar

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Precision claw bar in black finish, features heat treated high carbon steel construction for durability. It has nail slots on claw ends for extracting nails. This precision claw bar with flat tip, has polished, bevelled claws for precise penetration. It is tempered to minimize chipping. This claw bar is ideal for small demolition projects. Precision claw bar meets ASME standard.
  • Polished, bevelled claws for precise penetration
  • Flat striking face allows claw to be driven under deeply embedded nails
  • Forged, high-carbon alloy steel for long life
  • Tempered to reduce chipping
  • Nail slots on claw ends for extracting nails
  • Extracting claws can be driven beneath the head of an embedded nail and then used to pull the nail head above the surface
  • The back of the puller is designed to double as a tempered striking surface for a hammer to make nail removal even easier
  • Both claw ends are polished
  • Standards: ASME
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You're reviewing 8" x 4" Flat Precision Claw Bar
Manufacturer's Warranty Limited Lifetime
Assembled Width (in) 4
Assembled Depth (in) 8
Assembled Weight (lb) 0.35
Size (in) 8
Adjustable Cutting Height No