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7 KG Cavendish Agri Spring Fertilizer 21-7-7

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Cavendish Agri Spring Fertilizer gives your lawn a good jump start, with the right combination to get you growing greener, thicker and quicker! Ideally applied in late April or early May, the slow release nitrogen helps your grass stay healthy into the summer months.
  • Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium provide the key elements for a healthy lawn
  • Phosphorus helps fight disease, provides root health and promotes early plant development
  • Potassium helps build thicker cell walls that strengthen the grass to withstand droughts, heat, cold and disease
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You're reviewing 7 KG Cavendish Agri Spring Fertilizer 21-7-7
Is Plant Specific No
Type of Plant All Purpose
Country of Origin Canada
Adjustable Cutting Height No