5/32" High Speed Steel Standard Jobber Length Drill Bit

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Fractional Size standard jobber length drill bit has tapered web that eliminates the spinning of the bit in the chuck. This drill bit features high-speed steel construction. The 135 deg split point of this drill bit resist breakage and offers quick gripping power as well as superior penetration. This drill bit measuring 5/32 in x 3-1/8 in, offers 2 in deep cut into the substrate. It has no-spin shank that eliminates the movement of the bit in the chuck. The shank of this drill bit comes with the size markings to prevent wearing away.
  • Pilot Point® tip starts on contact for clean, accurate holes and reduces lock-up on breakthrough
  • Tapered web provides greater durability to reduce breaking
  • No-spin shank eliminates the frustration of bit spinning in the chuck
  • Size markings are located above the shank to prevent wearing away
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You're reviewing 5/32" High Speed Steel Standard Jobber Length Drill Bit
Depth of Cut (in) 2
Body Material High Speed Steel
Point Type 135 Degree Split Point
Length (in) 3-1/8
Nominal Diameter (in) 5/32
Type of Bit Standard Jobber Length Drill
Type Fractional Size
Adjustable Cutting Height No